Instinct Typing

Instinct Typing


Want to discover your instinct stacking? Create a collage of images and let the full Enneagrammer team determine your instincts.

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What you get:

  • Your instinct stacking revealed as either SP/SO, SO/SP, SP/SX, SX/SP, SO/SX, or SX/SO

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Instructions for this service

  1. Create a collage(s) using BeFunky or any other image editor you prefer. The images can be anything that appeals to you. There are no rules or restrictions, except that there is a 20-image minimum. More images yields more accuracy. It can be in one collage or multiple collages.

  2. Post your collage in the Enneagrammer facebook group.

  3. Allow the Enneagrammer team up to 2 weeks to respond to your collage posting.

View Sample Collages

View Sample Collage Typings

Note: This product is for typing instinct only. For enneagram type, please purchase “Video Typing”