Enneagram Typing

Enneagram Typing

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Want to discover your core enneagram type? Allow the full Enneagrammer team to offer a type reading based on a video of you.

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What you get:

  • Your core type + wing revealed

  • One of two options of your choice:

    1. Written response with references from the video

    2. Full voice commentary on your whole video

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In Group/Private:
Video Response/Full Commentary:
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Instructions for this service

  1. Create a video of yourself from the waist up with sufficient light in which you answer the following question

    1. What are your biggest interests/hobbies?

    2. What is your best and worst quality?

    3. What is your ideal place to live in the world?

    4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

    5. Do you see yourself as an assertive person? Why or why not?

  2. If you selected “In Group,” post your video in the Enneagrammer Facebook Group. If you selected “Private” email the video.

  3. Allow the Enneagrammer team up to 2 weeks to provide your type analysis.

Note: This service will yield a typing of Core Type + Wing only. If you would like to have your instinct stacking determined by the team, please purchase “Collage Typing.” If you would like your stacking, core type, and your type in each centre, please purchase “Complete Typing.”