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The Admin Team discussed your video/collage and we see SP/SX 9. There’s a wide range of how volatile 9s can be, but a 9 might be overestimating their volatility relative to their internal calm. However, if you have 6-4 fixes that would make for the most reactive 9 possible. Which comes through in your video. There’s a non-verbal calmness about you. One 9ism and body center orientation example is when you said that you only retain things by feel. A non-verbal knowing is body-centered. You mentioned that you’re a natural empath, a natural quality 9s have of being able to hold space for others.

I’ll include the comments I made for your SP/SX collage here. There’s an aloneness and self-contained mystery about SP/SX collage aesthetics we’ve coined ’smokey noire’. It’s finding drama and intrigue in the self and the environment.

Collage sample


Hello! The team has taken a look at your collages and we’ve typed them at SO/SX.

The burst of fireworks is one of the most quintessential SO/SX images there is … a lot of scattered and sparkly colorful patterns. Multiple pics that have multiple iterations, in each pic, of the same shape/object/spark/ a signature SO/SX “accident.” And they're kind of “up in the air,” even when they're not literally up in the air - the spirit or energy of them feels multi-directional spray/spew/sparks -- that's SO/SX as an energetic signature. 

Collage Sample

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.47.38 AM.png

Hello! The team has taken a look at your collage and we have typed it at SX/SP.
I see SO-last (almost no air), then SX-first (the multiple intertwined couples, very much “in each others' space”), a sense of order and created by the repeating abstract patterns/designs (abstract as opposed to organic, perhaps), removing the chaos of unpredictability (removing the flaws), and simultaneously (somewhat solipsistically) seducing oneself (via the the kind of spiralling effect of the patterns) into a deeper more-penetrative something. Also the tall square/rectangular straight-lined buildings are a further kind of stern sleek insistence on order, higher order (reaching skyward/heavenward), order being delivered to earth from up in the mythological sky (or from “the mind of God”). Further, the two upper left pics of the magazine cover and the one below it (both having some ocean in them), look again like order coming out of the chaos of the ocean of feelings, randomness, stormy organic reality. The bolded word “Objectif” imposed on the ocean ... there's a war here between chaos/happenstance and order/control. Dionysian versus Apollonian. The realm of aesthetics is the cure: creating elegance and excellence-of-form (excellence that taps into the eternal & timeless, and thus swoops away from the ever-morphing chaos/Earth) but yet made from the raw materials of Earth, chaos, disaster, sexuality, inner psychological violence, etc. -David

Collage Sample

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.52.44 AM.png

Hello, the team has taken a look at your collage and we have typed it as SO/SX.

SO/SX: elders, groups/tribes, renowned social leaders, *hats*, headpieces ... and the stamps, to me, are a kind of 'regalia', à la SO/SX. The space theme is part of what lends a 9w1 feel -- something about the *roundness* ('circle'-ness) in the space pics, and the *plain* distance of them, sort of a non-threatening distance, though in awe of the beauty/harmony and composition of the universe. Attractive and twinkling -- this person seems compelled to give off some positive energy, and the colors are 'fantasy'/dreamer/magical-thinking colors, although there's some piece in their typology that can do dark/mystery/hidden.

collage sample


Hello! The team has taken a look at your collages and we’ve typed them at SO/SX.

We’re seeing the multi-directional sprays that is characteristic of SO/SX, also multiple portraits. It's interesting that you inadvertently did sprays with that light down the staircase and the bottom left photo. It's more subtle but still there. The fireworks look, multiple focal points. Even the sparking flower in the centre, and the giraffe pattern. Also the head-on portraits very SO/SX.

collage sample

Hello! The team has typed your collage at SO/SX.

My first impression is social. there's a lot of iconography and social symbolism here. although there are earthy images, they all seem to be representing something. the images feel intimate and close, unlike that of contra-flow stackings. There's also some of the fire and transformation of SX, along with 9ish surrealism and full bodies.

sample collage


SX/SO (further commentary available in facebook group)