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Video typing sample 1


Hello Dea! The team has taken a look at your video and we have typed you at 5w4. We are also revising your collage typing to SO/SP in light of this video. (All-too-briefly-stated, however, there is a schema that i've found which I believe to be a discovery of an actual 'organic phenomenon' hidden in the enneagram symbol–as opposed to just being some distracting 'playing with the system' kind of thing–wherein SP/SX has an 'elemental overlap' with Type 5.) At many points you were describing the 5 inner world in so much detail. Separation, isolation, fear of incompetence and lack of knowing, emotional detachment, pursuing discovery.

Video Typing Sample 2

(video pending) Hello! The team has typed your video at 6w7 621.

There's considerable pressure to 'be good' and to kind of be doing/”managing” for others with your heart (from the 6-2 “stem”), so there's a bit of a backlash expressed here, maybe wishing it were okay to be alone, to express the extreme stress (of responsibility), to hide and not participate, to just be “taken” and not have to think so much and be so continually alert about how to be “managing everything” and being so responsible, etc.

”I wish i could shut off (turn off) my eyes”.... is a phrase that comes to mind. Looking at the “real world” conjures a sense of obligation, so if it were okay to close my eyes and “come back into myself,” these collages are the first emotional pieces that arise when 'I close my eyes.'. 

You wish it were ok to do dark, to allow dark, to shut off the Sun, tick-tock, tick-tock, shutoff 'good workday' Mandy.

If I closed my eyes here (in how I'm imagining your world) I might initially feel like "I can't"... or like I wish it were ok to just not be able to ____ so that I don't have the stress of figuring it out. I want to saturate into "I can't" and have it be ok. Ok with God, family, myself, whomever it is that seems to be urging me to keep this perpetual motion machine going.

'I can't keep up the pretence of doing all of this' ... one of the 'responsible doings' might be some sense of an obligation toward modelling an ideal feminine/mother archetype, which is maybe a Type 2 piece, which'll exert some considerable pressure if it's in second position in your tritype, as I feel it could be. 

And there's a conflict in 6 vs 2 (actually multiple conflicts), in that 6 really wants to know what's 'really real', even if it's negative and bad, and 2 really wants to be a model of 'up' sunshine happy soft watery feminine hearts & flowers, even if it's *not* real or not here with you/us now in the present situation.

One way to work with tritype is as a way to define some of the internal 'wars', meaning, for example, that there's a conflict of 6-1 versus 2, and 6-2 versus 1, and 2-1 versus 6.... and to consider all of those "me"s in all of that.