Flows: Contra vs. Syn

David Gray in response to a question on SO/SP vs. SO/SX 5, with distinctions between contra and syn flow:

I think so/sp is a certain 'blocking' energy unto itself, which could thwart social interaction in a particular way.

One truism I've noticed for the contraflows is that they weirdly somewhat work against their dominant instinct, unconsciously/intstinctually or subtly.... like sp/sx actually has this slow downward suck/attrition into 'death & decay', the literal opposite of *self-preservation*....even while it's an sp-first stacking.

So, so/sp has this sp wall between them and "personal nudity" (sx)....the latter being an important element in acutal sociability....ie- I'm really just putting the instincts in a straight row ... so/sp is then ....soc....sp ('wall')....sx. 

All the stackings can be 'worked' (conceived of) this way. Like, a problem with sx/sp and romantic/sexual connection is that actual bonding is the Social instinct, and there's, again, an sp wall between sx and soc in that stacking (sx/sp/so). But again I think the contraflows are still more entrenched somehow in something that fundamentally works against their dominant instinct, even as its their central focus. 

Your 'college major' issue, btw, would be a classic so/sx-ism -- self-dispersal, a certain kind of difficulty with the brick-by-brick building of 'foundation' underneath 'me'. In a way so/sx isn't 'sticking with yourself' (sp-blind), like there's a certain kind of 'loss of self-location', although tritype can be a huge factor there, and your having a 9 fix would intertwine with that in a certain way that could exacerbate the issue. 

I'm thinking of Joseph as I'm saying that -- he's 478, which is like triple-individualistic or triple self-interested, etc. which partly balances the so/sx self-dispersion. 478 grounds the self in some degree, simply by how much heft of 'Personality' is part of its nature (in contrast to so/sx's 'scattered / up-in-the-air' energy)...ie- 'grounds the self' here not meaning anything spiritual, etc, but the 478 fixations, in combination, have an extra dose of 'Me being especially defined and important to Myself' to them.

Joseph Simone