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This is a place for new and modern approaches to the Enneagram of Personality. Enneagrammer aims to integrate the works of researchers within the enneagram world and outside it. It adds new, fresh approaches to the study of type and instinct which take into account scientific research and nuance. It also incorporates art within the study of personality. 

There is a lot of information about the enneagram floating around the internet and in published books. Some of it is fantastic, and some of it might be outdated or overly simplistic. Enneagrammer aims to remove the clutter while still including an immense amount of nuance with regards to understanding these deep psychological processes.

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Meet the team:


Joseph Simone

Joseph is the writer of all Enneagrammer content. He began his studies of personality and enneagram at a young age as a personal interest, and it has now flourished into something more ambitious. He has had private coaching with experts such as Katherine Fauvre–the co-originator of Tritype–and has studied the works of many major enneagram teachers. He has also researched the instincts from a scientific perspective and has integrated his findings into the enneagram canon. Joseph loves to integrate ideas from other typing systems such as Michael Teachings and Cognitive Type. Joseph is a collaborative worker and believes that multiple minds combined can always yield better results. He puts this idea into practice when building communities. He is also a pianist, music teacher, and choir director. He has his BMus and BEd from the University of Toronto.


emeka okorafor

Emeka has had a life-long interest into the inner worlds and psychological drives that make people act the way they do. He discovered the enneagram a decade ago, and was drawn to its endless depth in modeling the human psyche. He sought to learn to identify the types as they presented themselves in real time, and spent many years honing his typing skills. Emeka in recent years has gotten deeply involved in researching the instinctual drives and developing inventive approaches that embody the material as a visceral experience for learning. Emeka is an experimental artist who spearheads new conceptual directions and aims to expand the enneagram’s reach to more alternative audiences. He’s a teacher, writer, visual artist, and filmmaker. He has his B.Eng from Purdue University.


david gray

David Gray is the admin/owner of Enneasite.com. David's underground work on the enneagram is well-known throughout the community. His visionary and intuitive way of re-modelling the essential concepts of the system are a major asset to Enneagram Universe. David is the originator of the concept of stacking flow: Synflow and Contraflow. He is also the creator of the Instinct Stacking Cards, the originator of the Elemental Correlations with the instincts, and correlation with the Bhavacakra.