Reviews of Enneagrammer


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SO/SX 3w4

I was really happy with my video and collage typing experience with the Enneagram Universe team. When I first received the admin team’s conclusion, I was shocked because they landed on a type I had never seriously considered before (and I had considered a lot of types). I was so surprised that I immediately responded back with skepticism and questions. David and Joseph were so patient and helpful and answered all my questions in-depth. 

I offer a huge thanks to the admins for taking the time to type me and answer further questions I had. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is interested in the enneagram and personal development/growth.



SO/SP 5w4

When I sent in my typing video, their responses took me by surprise. [Enneagrammer] consists of one of the most thorough teams I've been typed by. No detail goes overlooked, and every question brings forth a very informative answer. They have cleared my misunderstandings, taught me new things, and over-all, helped my knowledge of the Enneagram grow in ways no other knowledge base did. Their method of typing and discussing brings many angles to light that are not often considered, and I appreciate the depth in the way they will approach certain qualities. They are a hard-working, patient and very trustworthy team, and I'm glad to have found this team and their site when I did.



SO/SX 5w6

When I first received feedback on my stacking and type from my collages and video I was taken by surprise. The admins at Enneagrammer were extremely thorough and insightful and answered all of my questions with in depth and informative answers. Their detailed analysis inspired me to dig deeper and question everything I thought I knew about the Enneagram, instincts, and myself. The information they provided forced me to face harsh truths about myself and how I identify. I was mistyped at the time (both in tritype and instinctual stacking), so receiving their feedback was a shock that led to a deeper understanding. It is difficult to see oneself from a truly objective light because we all have an idealized version of ourselves. Getting this much needed outside perspective changed my life. Because they value accuracy, they don't placate your ego, thus helping you face your fears to achieve true growth and development. Their approach is effective and revolutionary, since they question things that are not often considered, thus bringing to light hidden truths and meanings. They challenge the stereotypes and misinformation spread by outdated traditional ideas. The admins have expanded my knowledge and understanding of both myself and the Enneagram, and for that I am truly grateful. They also helped bring to light the type and instincts of my partner. They have been the most valuable source for the Enneagram that I've discovered. I highly recommend their service.



SP/SO 6w7

When I first found out about the Enneagram my type was obvious to me- I was a 4. And I never thought twice about it. When I thought it’d be fun to get professional typed- you know, to show my uniqueness off- it rocked my understanding of myself. What I completely missed, the Enneagrammer professionals saw: my core 6. I did have an identity crisis, I did want to scream how wrong they were, but then I began to see it. Everywhere. It was the air I breathe that I did not see. And it is a humbling experience when you see what you are and not what you want to be. When you are mistyped it becomes a trinket to add to your identity. But when you are typed correctly it is the lynch pin that undoes you. This undoing is the first step to be free of your personality but it does not happen without a correct view of how you work. I would highly recommend them.