Type 3


Key Traits

  • Defence mechanism: Identification, matching a model of what is deemed externally valuable to substitute for approval and need to be loved, believe that love is conditional on what they can "do"

  • Other-Directedness: playing to an audience, image for public consumption, marketable personality

  • Focus on Achievement: oriented to efficiency and goals, workaholic, ambitious

  • Focus on Success: know what is considered the pinnacle of success with regards to their instinctual foci

  • Competitiveness and Winning: can be ruthless and pragmatic, the trophy matters

  • Image-Manipulation: deception in confusing the external gaze of others with their internal needs

  • Shadow/Lost Self: lose touch with their "true self" beyond their image, who they really are, the parts of them that aren't marketable, lose touch with their own emotional experiences because they mute them to achieve, lose touch with their vulnerability in their need to win

  • Core Fears: Failure, being incapable, inefficient, a nobody, unable to "do"

  • Wants Value


Being part of the image triad, the type 3 structure is based around creating a particular crafted self. For 3’s, the image created is one of being able to “do” well. The 3 crafts an image that is the most marketable for whatever their instinctual goal is. Unlike their heart centre neighbour to the right, 4, 3’s are less in touch with all the messy “me” feelings that swim around inside. Or at the very least, they may be well in touch with those feelings, but they won’t string them into a tarnished jewel necklace and wear them proudly around like 4’s. 3’s would rather you see them at their best, even if the “best” at the time means being emotionally expressive. 3’s are very aware of how they come across to others, so much so that they might not register how much it shapes who they are. How they come across to others is confused for their own goals and aspirations. 3’s will often unconsciously look for others to mirror back to them how well they’re doing.

3’s turn their bodies into machines to meet their instinctual goals. They are generally workaholics, but not always necessarily in traditional suit-and-tie sense that we’d expect. 3’s have a way of disowning their heart, or their self, in order to bypass the heart centre right into the gut centre and motor through life. They love productivity, achieving your best self, and self-actualization. 3’s have a story to tell the world, and it’s their epic life. They pride themselves on having persevered and powered-through, and look at their achievements as markers of having met their image goals. #gains #YouAreWhatYouDo. 3’s confuse their resume for their sense of worth or who they are.

The problem with 3’s is that they can’t stop. There’s no off-button on this treadmill and they have to keep running. And it’s hard to argue with someone who’s accomplished so many great things. 3’s often feel like they haven’t accomplished anything, comparing themselves to all the people that have an enviable image. And so the treadmill moves faster. When things start to fall apart, 3’s need to look inward and cultivate true introspection. But instead, they’ll often just create more goals for themselves, making more plans to get what they feel is always slightly out of reach.

The SP 3 is the most obvious workaholic from the standpoint of needing the work non-stop to get money or perhaps have a healthy lifestyle. SO 3 will want to be the best at connecting with people and having a position of respect. SX 3’s know how to hook people into them and want to be the best at it on a grand scale.

Some 3's are corporate types and others are extremely creative and unique. It's a misnomer to think that 3's don't have their own personal signature. 3's have the drive and discipline to make their own artistic/creative endeavours become a reality. Unlike 4's, they are less crippled by the need to stamp their own signature on everything to the point where the art never comes to fruition. Some 3's might even identify with 4, because in private, they are constantly comparing themselves to others and seeing themselves as being not enough, or having not done enough. This gives them the drive to push harder, even if they spend some time in self-doubt.

Lines of Movement

3 moves to 6

  • Positive: become more committed to family/friends, value what's best for the group rather than personal gain, become more in touch with emotions and learn to experience vulnerability

  • Negative: dependent and fearing rejection, higher anxiety, paralyzed in making decisions out of uncertainty/fear

3 moves to 9

  • Positive: learn to slow down and be at peace, begin to be more open to receiving others and less focused on self-image

  • Negative: begin to procrastinate and have trouble making decisions out of confusion, apathy, neglect themselves further (ex. working even harder, drugs to keep moving), become passive-aggressive to criticism

Comparisons with other types

3 vs 1: Both competency types, 1's not good at self-promotion, 3's are comfortable with self-inflation, 1's won't cut corners, 3's will if they have to

3 vs 2: 2 has superego about what they "should" do, 3's are driven by self-success

3 vs 4: 3 focus on self-development and success, 4's focus on self-expression and emotional truths, 3's present their best, 4's present their fabricated version of brokenness 

3 vs 5: Both competency types, 3's better at self-promotion and being extraverted, 5's aren't good at knowing what others want from them 

3 vs 6: 3's want to rise to the top, 6's are afraid to remove themselves from their support grid too much

3 vs 7: Both assertive, 3's are goal oriented and organized, 7's are spontaneous and free

3 vs 8: 3's can be aggressive, but not animalistic, they modulate themselves more appropriately, 8's revel in pissing people off 

3 vs 9: 3's overestimate themselves or bolster their abilities, 9's forget they exist