Type 7


key traits

  • Defence mechanism: Self-centred rationalization, justifying the things they do/think with good reasons to get what they want, seeing things the way they want to

  • Defence mechanism: Idealization, seeing only the positive aspects of life, amplify positive data and minimize the negative

  • Fun: insatiable hunger for stimulating experiences to compensate for underlying anxiety, overdoing, seeking stimulation, self-indulgence

  • Self-referencing: always knowing what they want/need, and feeling entitled to take it

  • Blind Optimism: confusing potentialities for realizations; confusing imagination and reality

  • Hedonism: confuse pleasure with true depth, move away from pain or commitment

  • Rebelliousness: implicit anti-authoritarian attitude, uses humour

  • Lack of Discipline: avoiding limits leads to lack of focus, tendency to either procrastinate or not finish what they start

  • Shadow/Lost self: can't see the negative aspects of life and the importance of feeling negative emotions

  • Core fears: Emotional pain, sadness, disappointment, boredom, limitation, being incomplete, missing out, being confined

  • Wants Freedom


Being part of the head/fear centre, the 7 type structure is built on dealing with fear by cognitively avoiding pain. 7’s distract themselves with plenty to avoid pain, anxiety, and sadness. They have lots of “wants” and have a streak of entitlement with regards to getting those wants. It difficult for them to accept that they might not be able to get what they want, and so they can come across as idealists or dreamers. 

They are positive and optimistic, and don’t like to dwell in negativity for too long before boiling over it with a joke. They are always looking for shortcuts to skip the hard stuff or find ways of avoiding the reality that they can’t have what they want. This is not to say that they aren’t hard workers. 7’s with self-preservation or 8 wing can be hard workers, and will rarely ever complain about being bored. There’s always a way to fill a situation with energy and fun and 7’s infect others with their childlike positivity. 7’s will work for something when they want it, they just don’t have a superego response to be “responsible.”

7’s can be more physically-minded but can also be very intellectual. As smart as they can be, at times they gloss over things and overestimate what they know. They are natural skimmers and traverse a wide range of subjects and experiences.

7’s can sometimes put their more unpleasant emotions on the back burner and they can leak out in bursts. They will use magical thinking to scan the cosmos far and wide connecting all kinds of disparate ideas and experiences. They are colourful (figuratively or literally) and live in a kaleidoscope. 

7’s are not naturally comfortable with hierarchies and power structures. They use playfulness and fun to get their way and would rather be concerned with their own desires. They have a way of overlooking the worst qualities in others or allowing themselves to be taken by an ideal of a person. 7’s can be super nice and friendly or “savage” and arrogant. They embody the Peter Pan/Puck archetype.

lines of movement

7 moves to 5

  • Positive: become more introspective, less fantastical and more objective, learn to be more disciplined about each subject they explore with more depth, learn to accept the negative aspects as well as positive of any situation, present as someone to be taken more seriously, get in touch with fears

  • Negative: become self-absorbed and evade responsibilities further, become aggressive with their theories and ideas

7 moves to 1

  • Positive: learn to follow through with their plans, discipline

  • Negative: become cynical, irritable, hypercritical of people, nitpicky, stop being able to laugh at themselves due to self-judgement, become less open to ambiguity and insist they have the black-and-white truth, blame other people for their inability to have fun and being confined, obsess over specific things whether they are feasible or not

comparisons with other types

7 vs 1: Both idealist types, 1's value self-control, 7's don't

7 vs 2: Both positive types, 7's don't generally "help" unless they want to because it threatens their freedom, 2's feel obligated

7 vs 3: Both assertive, 3's are goal oriented and organized, 7's are spontaneous and free

7 vs 4: Both frustration types, 4's focus on the negatives, 7's on the positives, 4's complain about how they'll never have what they need, 7's blindly believe they'll get what they need

7 vs 5: 5's don't want to world to suck their energy, 7's have boundless energy to taste life

7 vs 6: Both can be fun and friendly, 6's are not naturally optimistic like 7's, 6's can be more self-conscious or insecure, more self-doubting, 6's are more identified with being responsible

7 vs 8: 7's can be more like "brats," 8's have less of a sense of comedy and trickery, 7's are also less controlling but can be equally aggressive

7 vs 9: Both positive types, 7's can be arrogant, 9's have an internal message telling them to not take up too much space, 7's have a strong libido, 9's more easily accept what they can't have