Type 8


key traits

  • Defence mechanism: Denial of their vulnerabilities

  • Defence mechanism: Omnipotent control, making things happen with force

  • Overdoing: passion for excess and intensity, overcoming challenges, wanting more, pushing things to the edge and running over others

  • Unapologetic Anger/Reactions: on the offence, confrontational

  • Rebelliousness: assertive opposition to the inhibition of pleasure

  • Vengefulness: react when they perceive injustice, eye for and eye

  • Dominance: fill any leadership role, can be perceived as bossy/pushy, can escalate to dictator territory

  • Insensitivity: no tolerance for soft emotions in self or others

  • Autonomy: refuse to be dependent, want to be invincible

  • Gut action: sensory-motor dominance, stimulated by immediate tangible here and now

  • Blind spot/Lost self: can't see their own vulnerability or weaknesses, they see these as only things that others have

  • Core fears: Weakness, being controlled, disempowered, humiliated, harmed, vulnerable, at the mercy of injustice

  • Wants Power


Being part of the gut/body centre, the type 8 structure is based on asserting one’s own existence in a way that doesn’t hold back any natural impulses or anger. 8’s are in tune with their gut reactions and let anger flow freely out, to the point where it can be overbearing or they overstretch and don’t get the desired result.

8’s are rare in this world, and evolution-wise, that’s probably a smart thing. A small number is essential, and too many would be problematic. 8’s are strong and generally crave power within whatever setting they live in. They overdo the need to be the top dog, and are known for being a “bull in a china shop.” They are unintentionally big and loud in their energy. They feel no need to prove their strength (like 6) because they are confident, decisive, and feel fearless. Unlike 6, 8’s don’t feel like they are “one of guys/gals” and feel no need to be tribal. They are psychologically strong and present as stone-cold and invulnerable. 8’s with the Sexual instinct or 4 in the tritype can soften up a bit.

You cannot control an 8, and it’s pointless to go up against them. They have big tempers and will crush with blunt blows (fists or words). They only say what’s necessary and get right to the point, “no bullshit.” They can sometimes have a soft spot for innocence in others as a proxy for their own lost innocence. This inner soft spot makes them rage into a protective soldier, enjoying having a battle to fight and feeling compelled to be the executioner to the enemy. They refuse to let themselves or their people get the short end of the stick.

8’s have no problem yelling at people they care about. If you’ve made them angry, they feel completely justified to their anger and there’s very little superego response that suggests they should calm it down. Even in the workplace, 8’s will become “larger” than is appropriate when angry. They might not even see it as getting angry but rather just their totally justified response to something you did or something that happened. They don’t see it as losing control of themselves the way a 1 might. In fact, there’s no need to justify themselves at all. They choose to do what they want free of obligation.

8’s will not need validation from others, and if others don’t like them, it just confirms their self-image of someone who “doesn’t give a fuck.” They lose the vulnerable side of themselves though, very rarely opening up emotionally to others.

The core of the gut centre or anger in itself, is shaping reality to how you want it. When it doesn’t yield to you, that causes anger and a need to assert oneself. 8’s need reality to yield to them, and are highly reactive when it doesn’t because it feels like they’re losing control. They become big to gain it back, stomping and thrashing through everything in their path. They won’t allow emotions to make them weak. However anyone who’s close to an 8 knows that they are just as human as everyone else, and would do well to nurture their own tender spots.

lines of movement

8 moves to 2

  • Positive: become more vulnerable, express their soft side openly, increased concern for others' needs

  • Negative: become more defensive, overreact emotionally, increased demandingness and control, become dependent

8 moves to 5

  • Positive: become less immediate and impulsive, lust is tamed for objectivity and consideration before action

  • Negative: withdraw, mute feelings further, become dryly depressed, guilt is turned into self-aggression, fear of betrayal, lose energy

comparisons with other types

8 vs 1: Both gut types who can express anger, 1's anger is coloured by the superego, 8's has no reigns or rules

8 vs 2: Two's want to be good, 8's want to be bad

8 vs 3: 3's can be aggressive, but not animalistic, they modulate themselves more appropriately, 8's revel in pissing people off

8 vs 4: Both reactive types, both intense and biting, but 8's are the tough exterior with the marshmallow core underneath while 4's are the opposite, 4's use vulnerability as a point of strength and 8's avoid vulnerability to maintain strength/control

8 vs 5: 5's will periodically feel overwhelmed by hidden feelings, 8's are better at squashing them, 5's are out of touch with their bodies and impulses, 8's indulge them

8 vs 6: Both can be reactive and aggressive, both can overdo strength, 6's tend to be interested in self-defence and martial arts, 8's are not identified with strength and don't feel the need to prove it, 6's rebel against authorities, 8's simply express their anger at whims, 8's are much more sure of themselves and 6's tend to second-guess and feel doubt internally, 6's can be anxious and 8's are generally calm and collected

8 vs 7: 7's can be more like "brats," 8's have less of a sense of comedy and trickery, 7's are also less controlling but can be equally aggressive

8 vs 9: 8's express anger and are comfortable with conflict, 9's let anger collect and bubble up into volcanic bursts