visual signals

Here are some visual and conversational signals to help identify type:

Type 1

  • Rigidity in the body, stern

  • Unyielding, critical

  • Dry

  • Doesn’t smile often/widely, smile is stiff

  • Tight lipped mouth

Type 2

  • Giving compliments

  • Gentle touching, while eyes looking at you

  • Aggression/Criticism comes with a smile and a flirt, teasing

  • Big warm infectious smile

  • Watery sparkling eyes

Type 3

  • Symmetry, en-pointe smile

  • Solid, bright energy in the body

  • Angular features, “model face”

  • Specimen of success at their instinct, nothing faded

  • Conversation naturally flows to what they can do/will do/have done

Type 4

  • Sad/Dull eyes micro-expression

  • Shoulders hunched forward, insecurity

  • Body awkwardness, ungrounded

  • Projecting a problem, “there’s something wrong and you don’t understand it”

  • Not open and friendly, selective

  • Picky, critical, arrogant

  • “Too good for you” energy

  • Will subtly derail the flow of conversation into something negative or go against the interviewer or topic

  • Can be subtly mean to emphasize that they aren’t impressed

  • Face red hot in shame

Type 5

  • Ectomorphic, body awkwardness

  • Energy all in the head, logical statements, not “I feel”

  • Talks about strange topics, a void between them and “people”

  • Off-pointe jokes

  • Lost in their own world of expertise, often with ideas that differ from common conception, no awareness or shame about this even with Social

  • Side glance while talking, not fully engaging forward

  • Pseudo-autism

Type 6

  • Cutesie side-smile, non-threatening shoulders up, “emoji face,” giggles

  • Darting laser eyes, looking around, double checking, big round eyes, fear expression

  • Friendliness, non-elitist

  • Over-the-top aggression with fear in the eyes, emotional

  • Micro-expression of awe and surprise often alternating with questioning

  • Ping-ponging energy, second guessing what they say either in words or in questioning looks

  • Smile with one inquisitive eyebrow raise

  • Insert apologies for elitism, I’m “just one of the people”, “still Jenny from the block”

  • Self-deprecating humour, “aesthetic of loser

  • Hostility about specific anxieties, won’t change their minds, talk about things that are awful about the world in a shrill tone

Type 7

  • Verbosity, playfulness, high vibration, sometimes grounded with 8-wing

  • Baby faced or toucan face (animal-like, goofy)

  • Child-like, brushing off seriousness in favour of fun, entitled, injecting excitement into atmosphere

  • Either “fun child” vibe or “brat” vibe, or “novel genius”

Type 8

  • Downturned mouth

  • Loud voice, slightly too loud for the tone of the room, could also be heavy and quiet

  • Imperatives, impatience

  • Solid, unflinching, unfazed

  • Bottom line, complete entitlement to anger or aggression, won’t apologize

  • Warrior-like, sometimes thick short necks

  • Not wordy like 6’s, speech more direct and hammer-like

Type 9

  • Slow speech (or fast and confusing)

  • Foggy dissociated eyes

  • Soft features, smoothness, watery

  • Slow response time, deflecting questions back to others

  • Can be smiley and warm or dark and detached depending on tritype

  • Allow space for others in conversation, won’t talk about themselves until you’ve finished, receptive

  • Puffiness in the face and body

  • Common delay when asked a question, and then “I don’t know” or “I haven’t considered that”