SO/SX Description

Written by Joseph Simone

Being part of the Synflow group, this stacking has a certain synergy between its elements that flows with people in contrast to the contraflow stackings that have a solipsistic energy. "With people" doesn’t necessarily mean "positively associated with people," but rather the opposite of solipsism.

As a stacking that is SP blind, both elements of this stacking are "people-based" in the sense that both SO and SX fulfill their instinctual needs via other people. SP on its own is primarily focused on the self and its body. This sometimes means that SO/SX uses a lot of display to attract people whether they are introverted or extraverted. This could mean clothing, jewelry, hair, memberships, art, music, etc. With SO/SX, social is an open current that invites people in. It could be inviting people for both positive and negative means, but unlike SX/SO, it flows into people. It attracts people. SO/SX has a craving for some kind of interaction whether that be getting a like on social media, getting a compliment on a cool hat, or pissing off a bunch of people. Other stackings can act this way too, but for this stacking, just getting that interaction is instinctual food.

The energy of SO/SX can be described as "7ish" in the sense that it is sparkly. This doesn’t necessarily mean happy sparkly, but could also mean lightening shooting out in different directions, the energy of a "spray." Social is associated with the element of "air" because social is the instinct of communication and relationships. The food that SO seeks to eat is "outside," out there in the world. Even very introverted Socials will have some desire to put themselves "out there" in some way via social media, online groups, etc. They won’t necessarily always seek membership or "friends" because they can be both positive or misanthropic, but they will seek interaction. SX is associated with opposing elements such as fire/ice. SX as a supporting player to social adds a spark to social’s "up and out" energy. This is where the sparkler idea comes from. SO/SX has the energy of sending multiple iterations of themselves out in different directions. This is why SO/SX tend to enjoy repeating patterns aesthetically. The trend of wallpaper-like clothing with repeating patterns is a manifestation of the high number of SO/SX designers in the fashion industry. SO/SX can also be seen when "status" is playfully mixed into clothing such as specific hats, royal themes, crests of arms, and costume-like references.

On that note, SO/SX can roll into SP/SO territory and vice versa. The synflow stackings can often flow into each other. The typing of a person never changes, but there can be elements from other stackings present. When SO/SX looks to its blindspot, it often finds itself in SP/SO land with the easy ebb and flow of a certain "lifestyle." The gounded-ness of SP supported by the secondary element of social focuses on living a certain way, like my home, my clothes, my friends/family, etc. One of the hybrid SP/SO-SO/SX phenomenon in our society is "holidays." The SP/SO gathering together of people to eat and perform rituals mixed with the SO/SX glittering spray of decorations and clinking glasses. One culmination of this in the Western-Christian tradition is the Christmas tree. It’s the SP/SO structure from the earth standing tall as a ritualistic icon but covered in the SO/SX glittering lights and decorations.

One of the hardest pills to swallow for Social types, especially SO/SX is the need to be "cool." Being cool means being liked, being interesting, having certain friends/associations, being envied, getting what you want, and being the opposite of a social outcast. Part of why this applies to SO/SX more than any other stacking is because the idea of being "cool" is completely frivolous. It has nothing to do with acquiring any real needs for oneself. It’s entirely focused on the opinions of others and external circumstances. It’s the social need to have connections with the SX need to keep people hooked/interested. SP in the mix is better at helping people wise up and focus on more important things. However, being cool can still apply to other stackings. With SO/SX the attention goes there first. Needing to be liked is deep internal message. One thing that SO/SX will do is put a large emphasis on their unique social badges. So they might turn their attention immediately to their hair colour, clothing, tattoos, etc. When they say, “Here’s my tattoo,” they’re also saying, “I’m the type of person that gets tattoos, I’m in that category. And I’m doing it my own unique way."

SO/SX is the "one to one" instinct if there is one at all. All stackings can have certain preferences for whether they spend time in groups or pairs, and it’s not related to the instinct necessarily. However, if there’s one stacking that is religious about "one to one" intimacy, it is likely SO/SX. The primary instinct is the scariest place for people. And for Socials, that means "connection" is the scariest place. Relationships, friendships, and even simple connections like saying "hi" to someone on the street can be an area of much greater focus than the SO/SX will realize. But the mega-fear for SO/SX is the question, can I connect with this person? It is easier for SO-2nds and SO-blinds to reach out to someone one-on-one that they are either intimidated by or assume have some kind of role/status that they lack. This can be as simple as a leader of an online group, a religious leader, etc. With social there’s an element of being specifically chosen for a connection. Any interaction is something to put a lot of mental energy into beforehand and during. More confident SO/SX will seem very sure of themselves and their ability to talk to others. SO/SX will often come across as totally comfortable with people. But inside they might be terrified to go to that party, or feel unworthy to speak intimately with a person, or even feel cheated by the lack of one-to-one time they got from someone with whom they’ve chosen to interact. SO/SX are always looking for their "best friend" or partner in each social setting that they enter. Without that person, it’s like they don’t know who they are or how to act. Having that special connection brings them alive and gives them confidence. SX in 2nd place is part of why they come across as so confident. SX as a 2nd-place play area makes it such that SO/SX have an easy time using sexuality to be interesting, shocking, daring, and unique. They might toy with socially acceptable notions of what sex is as part of their unique signature. The attraction space will mean a lot to them, but it doesn’t tear them apart the way it would for SX/SO. SO/SX can get extremely loud with their sexual display, sometimes even more so than SX-dominants, because it’s not the sacred place that the dominant instinct holds.

Some themes in art/films they like will often depict people in sexual hierarchies, groups, multiple pairs, and scenes of intimacy. Sexual hierarchies means that SO, being in-tune with status and the organization of people, will be attracted to images where one person is dominating another, or specifically make a point to turn that preconceived idea on its head. SO/SX is also attracted to the idea of an "orgy." However, this version of an orgy includes multiple pairs or small groups sharing something intimate. The key here for SO/SX is SX from the standpoint of social, which means extreme "intimacy." Courtship and kissing are "connective" ways to do SX. This is separate from the SP/SO hand-holding; the idea that we are side-by-side partners linked in a "bond" speaks more to SP. With SO/SX, the SX brings snake-like intertwining limbs with the looking-into-each-other’s-eyes brand of extreme intimacy and connection. SO/SX is also the instinct of "portraits." It might be to represent a specific person that they identify with, or it could be simply to frame their face as communicating something like a facial expression. The face is the locus of communication which speaks to SO.

One misconception about Social in general is that it is always positively associated with people. This is not true for SO/SX or any stacking with Social. It can be, but SO/SX can also be extremely introverted and even hateful of people. In fact it’s the focus on how people are a problem as a theme that speaks to Social being in 1st or 2nd place. Any stacking can be misanthropic. But SO/SX can be hyper picky about who they speak to or befriend depending on type. Socials will try to curate people in their lives, specifically selecting certain people and perhaps rejecting others. The first instinct will be the most particular about itself, and for Social, "connection" is the key.

One aspect of social that often gets overlooked is the idea of morality and judgement. Part of the instinct of people is the notion that we all need to act a certain way in order to coexist. This parallel with type 1 is most apparent in the SO/SP stacking, but SO/SX can be surprisingly particular about how people are supposed to be. They might have their own unique spin on those rules, but their pet peeves will generally be related to the things people do that bother them.

Joseph Simone